Tuesday Top 5 – After School Activities

So, the children are back at school after the long summer break, but there’s always that time after school that you need to fill, between them finishing school, and them having their dinner. I don’t know about you but I always seem to struggle to entertain them, to keep them, busy to stop them from arguing etc. before dinner. So I’ve come up with five activities, you can do to Entertain your children, for a couple of hours after school.

  1. Conker hunting – I don’t know about you but as a child I used to absolutely love collecting conkers and to be honest nothing has changed! Wrap up warm, grab a bag or a bucket, and go in search of some conker trees. I know there are lots near us, so we are quite lucky. If you don’t know where there are any conker trees, maybe ask your neighbours, or your friends, or family, and see if they know where there are any conquer trees and enjoy. On another day you could do something crafty with the conkers – conker caterpillars or conker people etc.


2. Lavender Play-Doh – you probably find the children usually come home from school they are extremely tired, hyped up or argumentative, and you just want them to stop arguing and calm down. Why not try some lavender Play-Dough the lavender will have a nice calming affect and smells amazing. I’ve found a lovely recipe from The Imagination Tree – here

lavender playdough


3. Teddy bears picnic – instead of waiting for dinner time to arrive, why not have an early dinner, and have a teddy bears picnic.  If it’s a nice night you could take the children to the park, take some teddies, take a picnic, and they can sit and have their dinner, play and have fun, when you get home you won’t have to worry about getting dinner and you can stay out longer because they will have already eaten, and they can just get ready for bed when they get home.  If it’s raining and windy, you could make a den with the children and have a picnic in the den.



4. Board games – another idea is to have a family games night and play various different boardgames there are so many to choose from and some of them are quite short so you could play a few in one night and keep the children entertained for as longus you need to. Some ideas of board games include: (I’ve linked each game to where they can be bought) :
Pie Face
Connect 4

5. Fruit painting – last but no means least I’ve chosen fruit painting, you can choose different types of fruits including; apples, pears, grapes, star fruit, and oranges etc. You can experiment with different fruits, different paints and different colours and create some lovely pictures; you could even turn the pictures into wrapping paper.

fruit printing


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