How to juggle….

The one question I get asked a LOT is; “How do you find the time to do what you do?” or when I’m at craft fairs “How do you have time to make all your items?” The short answer is – I make time!
The long answer? Read on…..

How do I make time?
I try to stick to a routine, it’s a very flexible routine, but a routine none the less.  During school holidays the routine goes out of the window.

My day begins by getting the girls ready for the school run and out of the door by 8-20am – not as easy as it sounds, and most mornings we’re late! Everything always goes missing in the morning!! Shoes, bags, coats and hair brushes – we own about 5 hair brushes of various shapes and sizes, but can never find one on school mornings!! It drives me mad!!!

Once I get home from the school run, it’s breakfast time and breakfast number 2 for Olivia! Whilst I eat, I check emails and social media etc. After breakfast we either go to a toddler group or I get some housework done.

At lunch time Olivia used to have a nap and I would get some work done – with this morning on in the background (as you do)
Olivia now doesn’t have a nap, which makes it harder, but she is very good at occupying herself; I have now learnt how to juggle making things or working on my laptop and playing with dolls, lego, etc (with Peppa pig on in the background).
If you ever receive an order with lego instead of buttons, I can only apologise!
Olivia will soon be starting Pre-School, so the routine will be changing again!

At 3pm we go and collect Chloe from school, and I don’t get a lot of work done until they go to bed at around 7pm.  Once they are in bed I can dive into my work and will work until around 10/11 pm. Sometimes I go to bed and continue to work if I’m struggling to sleep.

So there you have it, that’s how I juggle being a work at home Mum, it’s not easy, but I love it!!

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